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Do we have to strip off straight away?
We understand that if you have never been to a naturist club or are new to naturism it can seem scary the thought of being bare for the first time. We have all been there, just enjoy your visit and explore the club, if it is a lovely day by all means if your comfortable with it please enjoy the sun and go bare, but there is no pressure. We just want you to enjoy the visit and see for yourself how lovely our club is.  If it is your first time being naked, you soon realise that nobody is actually looking at you.  You are more noticable with clothes on than off.

I've never been to a naturist club What should I expect?
Naturist clubs are pretty much the same as textile, or clothed clubs. The only difference is that weather permitting you will find people naked enjoying the weather

Is joining a naturist club kept confidential?
Very much so yes. All members of Invicta Sun Club have complete confidentiality. Your details are not divulged to anyone outside the club.

What if we meet someone we know or will my friends find out
It is very unlikely you will bump into someone you know, but even if you did the fact that you are both there means you share the same interest and outlook on naturism. The only way your friends will find out is if you tell them.

Do you open at set times during the week?
The club is open to its members 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Members and visitors have a key, and may come and go as they please, staying overnight is only permitted from the 1st of March to the 31st of October.

What if my body isn't perfect?
People come in all shapes and sizes, and it is no different at a clothing optional club.  One of the great things you'll find at a naturist club is everyone is on the same level and you will soon realize there is no such thing as a perfect body, we are all normal people.

Do you have electricity?
No but we do have a generator which we use when we have parties etc. With solar options now being reasonably priced, it is possible to buy an off-grid setup for much less than £250.

We have children and they may not want to get undressed, is that OK?
Yes, no child is forced to get undressed so it is up to the parents or the children themselves as to whether they wish to take their clothes off.

Are there any occasions when it is mandatory to be without clothes?
The only place clothing is not permitted is in the swimming pool.

Do we have to be without clothes all the time?
If its cold (unless you are very brave) you stay dressed, we are normal people who enjoy the sun but when cold we would rather stay warm.

Are pets allowed?
We are afraid we do not allow pets other than disability dogs

Do you charge for the showers?
No the showers are free and very often, guests and new members comment on how good the showers are.

Is it safe at Invicta?
Invicta Sun Club is in its own enclosed grounds and is safe for adults and children alike, because we are in our own enclosed grounds the children can wander around the grounds as they wish. We are a family club and everyone is very helpful and you never feel the need to have to lock things up.

Are there any rules of etiquette in naturism which I should know about?
Always take a towel to sit on, as a matter courtesy to others and for your own peace of mind.

I am a woman, do I have to be naked when I have my period?
Ladies, it's certainly acceptable to wear bikini bottoms or shorts at that time of the month.

As a man will I be embarrassed by being aroused?
Fellas, believe it or not, it is very unlikely you will experience this. Nudity is not about sex, you will find in a naturist environment its quite the opposite when your actually there.

Do you have storage facilities to leave sunbeds etc?
There are some storage boxes and sun loungers available but on a first come first serve basis.

Are any areas private?
We do not have private areas as it is a members club so a member can sunbathe where they like within the grounds.


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